What is a lawson chair?

Lawson is an upholstered chair designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Minotti.‎ It is made from different material like natural rubber component, plywood with high
elastic webbing, coated leather, fabric, and fireproof polyurethane foam.‎

Rodolfo Dordoni was born in Milan and a graduate in architecture, the architect/ designer has worked with many notable design companies with collaborations, creation of a collection and individual projects in the furniture industry.

His products are known for hidden high technology with innovative cutting edge designs. Top products include Barbican chairs, Belgravia tables, Camden Sofa.

What is a Chesterfield Chair?


Lawson chair sits midway between traditional and mid century design, they are unique, classic and modern. Highly appealing they have different material elements, wooden base, neat seams with retro-inspired button tufted back cushion.


This chair has a removal upholstery cover that is breathable bonded and made with fire resistant fabric. The removable option is available on most production like those with ash clad leather finish but not available on furniture with leather clad legs.


It has a unique seat that is neither large or small rather it has innovative solution that explores different types of seat. It has a uniquely curved backrest which doubles as an armrest.


You will appreciate the unique curve of the enveloping backrest in relation to the deluxe cushion. The cushion is made from fabric material while the backrest is leather

Interior space management

Interior space management is a breeze because the chair fits snuggly in large or small space. Use the chair in your living room, bedroom, or as additional furniture in the dining room.

Material in the lawson chair

Each design has a combination of different materials to give the chair a 70s look, feet of the chair has chrome finish or clad in leather, backrest leather, cushion fabric textile. Other material are natural rubber componentl, pywood, metal inserts. More are high elastic webbings, coated leather, freproof polyurethane foam.


  • Natural rubber component
  • Plywood
  • Metal inserts
  • High elastic webbings
  • Coated leather
  • Fabric
  • Fireproof polyurethane foam.

What is elastic webbing?

Elastic webbing are textile fibers narrowly woven or rubber threads used on suspenders, garters or furniture.

Coated leather

When Leather is coated and finished thickness is 0.15mm and does not exceed 1/3 of total thickness to be regarded as pure leather.

Fireproof polyurethane foam.

Fireproof polyurethane foam are flame resistant silicone that can withstand 2100 degrees F flame for 10 minutes.

Lawson Collection by Minotti

Lawson collection has many modern design to accommodate anyone’s taste popular furniture are LAWSON – Upholstered chair with armrests, 2 seater sofa, Upholstered armchair, Sectional sofa.

Others are Minotti LAWSON – Curved sofa, SHELLEY DINING – Upholstered chair with armrests, AMÉLIE DINING – Chair, CASE ROLLER – Upholstered tanned leather chair with castors,
More are BELT – Upholstered leather chair, MILLS/MILLS LOW – Chair, FLAVIN – Chair, Minotti ASTON – Chair.

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Minotti Lawson Chairs

  • LAWSON – Upholstered chair with armrests
  • 2 seater sofa, Upholstered armchair
  • Sectional sofa
  • Minotti LAWSON – Curved sofa
  • SHELLEY DINING – Upholstered chair with armrests
  • CASE ROLLER – Upholstered tanned leather chair with castors
  • BELT – Upholstered leather chair
  • FLAVIN – Chair
  • Minotti ASTON – Chair

Vanity chairs

Vanity chairs are chairs or stools made for make-up vanity or dressing table. Many chairs fall into this category including Lawson chairs.

Other vanity chairs are Swivel Vanity Chair, Padded Vanity Chair, Metal Vanity Chair, Round Velvet Vanity Chair, Padded Rubberwood Leg Vanity Chair.

Questions and Answers

What do you call a chair with no arms?

Chairs with no arms are calling side chairs.

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