What is an Adirondack chair

An Adirondack chair is an outdoor reclined chair with wide armrest, tall slanted back and backwards sloping seat. Excellent for lounging it has a flat back, contoured seat made from wood.It is believed that the design of the armrests help open up a persons chest.

It was first developed by the New York inventor Thomas Lee between 1900 and 1903 and patented by Harry C. Bunnell, who added modification for convalescents. However the Lee-Bunnell chair had a single plank back and by 1938 the fan-shaped back chair with slats was patented by Irving Wolpia.

What is a Chesterfield Chair?

Adirondack chair

Why choose an Adirondack chair?

An Adirondack chair is perfect for your patio, deck or garden, the design offers good support for your back because It sits close to the ground and your bum and back remain in good contact with the chair. Another addition is the wide flat arms perfect for your drink while relaxing or sleeping.

For total enjoyment pair the chair with a footrest, pillow, headrest, ottoman then use the wide arm to carry your glass of orange juice.

Things to consider before buying an Adirondack chair

There are many things to consider before buying an Adirondack chair. Look at the design, color, appearance, comfort, durability, weight, maintenance and price.

Choose the one that looks appealing that fits with your outdoor location. Make sure it’s easy to move, comfortable and durable. The type of material will determine the quality and price of the chair.

Things to consider

  • Design
  • Appearance
  • Comfortable
  • Durabile
  • Weight
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Color

Types of Adirondack chair

Adirondack chairs are made from different types of material depending on the design. Popular material are teak, aluminum, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), plastic. Types of Adirondack are Modern Adirondack Chairs, Shellback Adirondack Chairs, Classic Adirondack Chairs.


  • Adirondack Chairs
  • Shellback Adirondack Chairs
  • Classic Adirondack Chairs

Shellback Adirondack Chairs

Shellback Adirondack Chairs have curved armrests, and rounded back, common examples of shellback adirondack are Palm Coast Adirondack,, Nautical Curveback Adirondack Chair, Nautical Adirondack Chair, South Beach Adirondack.

Others are Seashell Adirondack, Palm Coast Ultimate Adirondack with Hideaway Ottoman, South Beach Folding Adirondack Chair, Palm Coast Folding Adirondack


  • Palm Coast Adirondack
  • Nautical Curveback Adirondack Chair
  • Nautical Adirondack Chair
  • South Beach Adirondack
  • Palm Coast Ultimate Adirondack with Hideaway Ottoman
  • South Beach Folding Adirondack Chair
  • Palm Coast Folding Adirondack

Classic Adirondack Chairs

Classic Adirondack Chairs design look like traditional design made in the original design (1904). They include Vineyard Curveback, Oversized Classic, Long island, Classic, Classic Folding, Vineyard Adirondack.


  • Vineyard Curveback
  • Oversized Classic
  • Long island
  • Classic, Classic Folding
  • Vineyard Adirondack

Modern Adirondack Chairs

Modern Adirondack Chairs are straightback, sturdy chairs, good examples are Modern Curveback, Westport, Modern Adirondack, Quattro Folding, Modern Folding Adirondack


  • Modern Curveback
  • Westport, Modern Adirondack
  • Quattro Folding
  • Modern Folding Adirondack

Adirondack Chair Material

There is a choice of different materials based on the manufacturers design. Common material are teak, plank, aluminum, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), plastic.


  • Teak
  • Aluminum
  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Plastic

Teak on Adirondack Chair

Teak is a tropical hardwood that grows in mixed hardwood forests. It’s hardness scale is 1,155 lbs, longivity 75 to 100 years this makes the wood very durabile. It is durable, scratch resistant, available in one color better than wicker, oak or bamboo and more expensive.

Injection Molded Plastic Adirondack Chair

Injection Molded Plastic Adirondack Chair are lightweight, easy to maintain, resistant to rust. The downside is low durability about 2 years, cheap price, fade easily.


Bamboo is a group of evergreen perennial plant that are members of grass family. It has a cylindrical hollow stem that are fast growing with natural composite material that gives it it’s strength and resistance to damage.


Aluminum chairs are lightweight, easy to maintain and durabile, they are easy to move around cheaper than oak or teak.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Adirondack Chairs are made from synthetic resin that are comfortable and easy to maintain. They are sturdy, wind resistant, stylish and durabile.


The chair comes in many colors depending on the choice of finish material. The most versatile when it comes to colors are plastic Adirondack chairs, and high-density polyethylene. Those that retain their natural color are aluminum and teak wood.

Questions and Answers

What else are Adirondack chairs called?

Adirondack chairs have different names such as Miles Comins chair, Muskoka chair, Cottage chair, plank chair, Laurentian, Westport

What is Adirondack chair style?

The style involves contoured chair with sloped seat and back made from wood or other material.

What is the difference between Muskoka and Adirondack?

An Adirondack derives it’s name from Adirondack mountains in New York, while Muskoka rename Adirondack in reference to a famous cottage.

Are Adirondack chairs stackable?

Yes, some are stakable because of the folding design.

Can you leave Adirondack chairs out in the winter?

Only the ones made from aluminum because they are durabile and weather resistant.

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