What is a bench chair?

A bench is a long seat that accommodates many people at a time, traditionally made of wood others are made from synthetic material, stone or iron.

They are made for outdoor/indoor use are sturdy, rugged and weather resistant. A typical bench chair has a backrest with armrest while regular benches are armless without backrest.

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Types of benches

There are different types of benches like the long curved backless bench, stone bench, classic garden bench, improvised street bench.

Bench are easily classified by the type of material or location. Types of benches are the concrete bench, wood bench, outdoors bench, iron bench, dining bench, cabinet bench, memorial bench, and cubby bench.

Others are Olympics weight bench, storage bench, plastic bench. Bench named after specific locations are church bench, park bench, station bench.

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bench chair?

Types of bench classified by material content

  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Outdoors bench
  • Iron bench
  • Dining bench
  • Cabinet bench
  • Memorial bench
  • Cubby bench
  • Olympics weight bench
  • Storage bench
  • Plastic bench

Wood benches

Wood bench is a high quality, high maintenance seat, made from different wood material like oak, timber, yellow pine, redwood, teakwood. Found mostly in parks, resorts or residential area, maintenance includes polyurethane coating and insect repellent treatment.

Chubby bench

Chubby bench have storage shelves or compartments, they come in different shapes and sizes. Most chubby bench are for shoes and help reduce cluster.

Dining bench

Dining bench is a seat purposefully designed for dining. A good example of dining bench for two is Livinia Canberra Dining Bench, it has a classic design, and made from 100% solid redwood. It can sit two people comfortably has a sleek finish.

Cabinet bench

Cabinet bench are indoor benches for living room or bedroom. They have flip-drawers with padded seat cushion.

Concrete bench

Concrete bench is a permanent durable seat often made in traditional design. They are heavy-duty and perfect for any weather condition. It has foam, fabric while form factor is engineered wood.

Metal bench

A metal bench is made from durable material they are more cost effective than wood. Common material is cast iron manufactured by a process of melting iron, then they pour the molten metal into a mould often formed by pressing patterned shape, twisted or welded.

Memorial benches

Memorial benches are often donated to a park or public place. The bench occasionally has a plaque in memoriam of the deceased.

Outdoors benches

Outdoors benches are usually backless or armless bench. The general public can sit on either side of the bench. An outside bench are weather resistant and made from either wood, concrete or iron.

Aluminum benches

Aluminum benches are lightweight, corrosive-free seat perfect for sports or recreational areas. They are economical, cost effective and ideal for outdoors and indoors.

Types of bench name by location

Benches are named based on the place it is used despite the design. Types of bench name by location are courtroom bench, friendship bench, courting bench, communion bench, weight training bench, bench seat.

Others are church bench, learning bench, storage bench, railways bench, garden bench, scenic bench, perch bench, park and picnic bench/table.

Types of bench by location

  • Courtroom bench
  • Friendship bench
  • Courting bench
  • Communion bench
  • Weight training bench
  • Bench seat
  • Church bench
  • Learning bench
  • Storage bench
  • Railways bench
  • Garden bench
  • Scenic bench
  • Perch bench
  • Park bench
  • Picnic bench/table

Courtroom bench: Are bench found in the court.
Friendship bench: friendship bench are found in school playgrounds.
Courting bench: are loveseats.
Communion bench : are found in churches.
Weight training bench: are bench used for weight training in the gym.
Church bench : are found in church pews.
Learning bench: are found in school or colleges.
Storage bench: are benches with storage facility or cabinets.
Railways bench: are found in railway stations.
Garden bench: found in gardens.
Scenic bench: are placed in scenic areas like resorts.
Park bench: are found in the park.
Picnic bench/table: are used for picnic.

Questions and Answers

What is a bench chair?

A bench chair is long seat used outdoor or indoors to sit many people. It is made from different materials like cast iron, concrete, stone, wood.

Who designed public benches?

Public benches was designed by Gabriel Davioud in the 1850s.

Does a dining bench save space?

Yes they do because of their sleek design.

Is a bench a chair?

A bench is not a chair, however they are both seats.

Is a dining bench comfortable?

They are moderately comfortable because of the cushioned seat.

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