Why are they called ottoman chairs?

Ottoman chairs derive their name from the Ottoman Empire that controlled North Africa, Western Asia and Southern Europe early 14th to 20th century.

The beautiful hassocks imported from Turkey, became a favorite in European homes and spas. Much more than decorative pieces, their design is versatile and easily used as a coffee table, chair, footrest, stool or couch.

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Uses of ottoman furniture

Very versatile the furniture has many applications based on the design and functionality. We have hard tops with storage area perfect for coffee tables, decorative pieces, footrest, stools and couches.

  • Uses
  • coffee tables
  • decorative pieces
  • footrest
  • stools
  • couches

A brief history of the Ottoman empire

The Ottoman empire was founded in 1299 in an area of 1.8 million km² in the Northwestern Anatolia in the town of Söğüt.
At the time the empire was a notable trade hub for luxurious goods like silk, spices, fur, tobacco and cotton. The empire reached its peak under Suleiman the Magnificent around 1520 to 1566 and had other exports like medicine and the now popular ottoman furniture.

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Types Of Ottomans

Ottoman furniture come in different shapes, sizes or designs, they fall into different categories based on functionality, visually appeal, design, shape, upholstery material or furniture finish.

Some are used for sitting while others are perfect footrest, coffee, breakfast table or decorative pieces. No matter it’s function Ottoman furniture always bring an air of luxury to the living room.

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Standard Ottoman furniture have traditional appeal, they are comfortable, stylish with good aesthetic value.

Traditional Ottoman design have sturdy base, square or rectangular shape, leather or synthetic upholstery material. Other designs of Ottoman furniture are Cube, Coffee table design, Pouf ottoman.

Types of ottoman designs

  • Coffee table design
  • Pouf ottoman, 
  • Cube ottoman .
  • Traditional

Coffee table ottoman

Coffee table ottoman is perfect as a coffee table, for drinks or cocktail table. It has a sturdy top that accommodates breakfast trays, food and drinks. There are different models like the reversible cushion top with additional side table.

Coffee table ottoman are larger than standard Ottoman, good examples of
coffee table ottoman are Bowery Coffee Table Ottoman, Range Ottoman with Table, Melrose Large Ottoman.

Traditional Ottoman

Traditional Ottoman are the most popular type of furniture, they come in square or rectangular design. Standard traditional Ottoman are either leather or synthetic upholstery. This type of furniture are timeless pieces they remain classy and perfect for living room.

Pouf ottoman 

Pouf ottoman have soft inner material with traditional spherical design. Modern interpretation of the design is the bean bag ottoman chair. A good example is the Pouf style brwon ottoman chair.

Cube ottoman

Cube ottoman have modular shape that allows arrangement or staking of many ottomans. They are fitted with a lid that has a storage cabinet.


They come in different shapes depending on the manufacturers design. We have Ottomans that are square, rectangular, oval, or round. Square or rectangular ones are the most popular because they fit seamlessly with most modern furniture. A good example is Leather square ottoman with exposed wood legs.

Round ottomans and Oval ottoman

Round ottomans are centerpieces or decorative furniture, however the larger ones have basic pouf designs. Oval ottoman are visually appealing, luxurious, wide pieces.

Rectangular Ottoman

Rectangular Ottoman are very desirable because they allow more placement options. They have more storage options have cushioned tops with wider surface area and work perfectly as footrest.

Type of upholstery

They come in a range of upholstery material based on the manufacturers choice. Common upholstery are leather, fabric, suede, velvet, rattan. Rattan is a lightweight, sturdy material that’s woven while suede has a unique fresh texture.

Leather ottoman are either PU or high quality leather while Velvet upholstery is luxurious with good textural design. To achieve a more fancier look some have button tufted design.


An ottoman adds a bit of luxury to the living area at an affordable price. They, are pretty, elegant, functional and come in different shapes, upholstery material or design.

Questions and Answers

Do you put your feet on ottoman?

Yes, some are good footrest

What is Ottoman furniture used for?

An ottoman is a versatile furniture with different application, use as footrest, coffee table, couch, storage box.

How much space should be between ottoman and sofa?
Appropriate space between ottoman and sofa is 30 inches.

How high should my ottoman be?

Average height is between 15.5” to 22”.

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