What is a loveseat?

Types of loveseat

In the seventeen hundreds wide upholstered chairs were in vogue, then came the loveseat an upholstery sofa for two persons. The love lounge was a single or double sofa made for face to face conversations or to make a love connection, at the time it was popular with the super rich. By the eighteenth hundreds it became a wider dresser chair more common with the middle class.

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Types of loveseat

Types of loveseat are the S-shaped two-seaters or tête-à-tête seats, contemporary tête-à-tête sofa, andTête-à-tête garden seats.

Straight fronted two-seater loveseats are Confidante, two-seater with triangular seats at either end (Portuguese), British two-seater, Land French two-seater settee.


  • S-shaped two-seaters or tête-à-tête seats
  • Contemporary tête-à-tête sofa
  • Tête-à-tête garden seats
  • Confidante, two-seater with triangular seats at either end
  • British two-seater, Land French two-seater settee

What is a S shaped sofa?

An S shaped sofa known as the tête-à-tête meaning a private conversation between two people or a one on one interview. Another name for this type of sofa are conversation bench, gossip chair, kissing chair, courtship bench.

The two seat furniture had a distinctive S shape that allows face to face conversation within arms reach while a traditional tête-à-tête has two single seats and a frame barrier, modern ones like the tête-à-tête lounger or chaise longue without the barrier.

Contemporary tête-à-tête sofa

The tête-à-tête because popular in the 19th century when S shaped sofas were the choice for couples or conversation chairs. S shaped sofa began to evolve in design from the victorian courting chair like the modern kissing bench design by John Reeves to the Kettleby Tête-à-Tête sold by Anthropologie.

Tête-à-tête garden seats

Tête-à-tête garden seats is both stylish and functional and are perfect for outdoor spaces or garden. However the Furniture finish depends on the manufacturer choice of “material, a common material used in “Tête-à-tête garden seats” are sustainably sourced timber, Acacia, Wood, or iron.

British two-seater two-seater settee

British two-seater two-seater settee is a compact piece of furniture, ideal for small spaces, perfect for Intimate conversation. Versatile seat either L shaped or cosy up together in the living room.

China two-seater couch

A standard Chinese two seater couch with slipcover has two separate backrest, cushion with Elastic Band and Houndstooth Fabric and made from 85% Polyester Fiber and 15% Spandex Fabric.


There are different types of loveseats available in the market, they come in single pieces or double piece furniture depending on the manufacturers specifications. There are iron loveseats perfect for outdoors or garden while some are made for living room. Other materials are wood, fabric, polyester or leather seats.

History of the loveseat

History of the loveseat is traced back to 17th century, the two person chair inspired by the large dresses at that time. Their unique S shape was designed for face to face conversation. Perfect for intimate conversations the lover can hold hands and look lovingly into each other’s eyes.

In the 17 the century the loveseat did not have cushions rather they were made from wood and seats larger than regular chair. A favorite of the royals and rich it was found in the comes of the upper class.

By the 19th century wealth was more evenly distributed with an emergence of the middle class the sofa because more common place.

What’s the Difference Between a Loveseat and a Sofa?
At the end of a hard working day there is nothing better than to put your feet up and sit on your favorite seat, however what type of seat is it? Is it a loveseat, sofa, couch or settee.

Your choice of seat makes the difference between a leisurely rest or an uncomfortable sit. You might want to know what’s the difference between a loveseat and a sofa.

Similar products different names

When it comes to living room seat the loveseat, couch or sofa are ideal, they have good construction material, furniture finish and styles. A couch is a long upholstery seat that accommodates many people while a love seat is built for two.

A sofa is a couch or settee that is upholstered with armrest.They are often fitted with cushions, springs and pillows.

Another different between a loveseat and sofa is the size. Loveseats are smaller and perfect for small spaces while a couch comes in large to medium size.

Questions and Answers

Q: can 2 adults fit on a loveseat?

Yes, 2 adults can fit snuggly on a loveseat.

Q: How comfortable and sturdy is a loveseat?

They are very sturdy

Q: What’s the difference between a couch and a loveseat?

While a loveseat accommodates two people a couch is a long upholstered furniture that accommodates several people

Q: Why is a loveseat called a loveseat?

It is called a loveseat because it can fit two people or love birds

Q: What is a sofa and loveseat?

There is a distinctive size difference between the sofa and a loveseat.

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