Types of beam seating

Bean seating is a tandem of seats supported by a beam or horizontal bar, this type of chair is popular in hospitals or reception area. They have padded seats and back upholstered in fire resistant fabric with chrome or tubular steel frame.

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Beam seating

Beam Seat Description

Beam seats are practical easy to use office chairs, some have perforated back for good airflow for maximum comfort. Ideal for most office spaces they have solid polypropylene backs with upholstered seats.

The seats come in tandem of 1, 2, 3 or 4 seat combinations, perfect for waiting room, conference hall or reception area. Expect different styles or colors, contoured extra wide seat pan that accommodates different size people.

The design involved seats supported by steel frame with secures to a beam with good weight capacity of about 400Lbs.

Common Features

  • Practical chairs
  • Perforated back
  • Ideal for most office spaces
  • Solid polypropylene backs Uholstered seats.
  • Tandem of 1, 2, 3or 4 seat combinations
  • Perfect for waiting room, conference hall
  • Different styles or colors
  • Contoured extra wide seat pan Accommodates different size people.
  • Seats supported by steel frame with secures to a beam
  • Weight capacity of 400Lbs
  • tubular steel frame

Where to use beam seating

Beam seating are used in heavy traffick areas, they are ideal for reception hall, hospital waiting room, hospitality venue. Other locations include healthcare center, court house, car wash, conference centre or airport lounge.

Where to find beam seating

  • Reception hall
  • Hospital waiting room
  • Hospitality venue
  • Healthcare center
  • Court house
  • Car wash
  • Conference centre
  • Airport lounge
Beam seating

Types of beam seating chairs

Beam seats are functional, durable with good aesthetics, they come in different designs, styles, shapes or colors perfect for high traffic areas. They are easily categorized by the number of seats, design, furniture finish or material.

Types of beam seating are metal beam seating, fabric beam seating, wooden beam seating and Plastic Beam Seating. They are further categorized by number of seats from one seater, two, three, four seat, seats with side table, seat beam bench with side table.

We have the One-Seat Beam Bench with Side Table, Two Seat Beam Bench, Two-Seat Beam Bench with Center Table, Two Seat Polypropylene Beam Seating, Three-Seat Beam Bench with Side Table. Others are Three Seat Polypropylene Beam Seating, Four Seat Beam Bench, Figo Beam Seating with Three Fabric or Polyurethane Seats.

More include Back to back seating polyurethane, Beam seating wood vinyl pads, Beam seating wooden seats, Beam seating with privacy screen.

Types of beam seating

  • One-Seat Beam Bench with Side Table
  • Two Seat Beam Bench
  • Two-Seat Beam Bench with Center Table
  • Two Seat Polypropylene Beam Seating
  • Three-Seat Beam Bench with Side Table
  • Three Seat Polypropylene Beam Seating
  • Four Seat Beam Bench
  • Figo Beam Seating with Three Fabric or Polyurethane Seats
  • Back to back seating polypropylene seats 
  • Beam seating wood vinyl pads
  • Beam seating wooden seats
  • Beam seating with privacy screen

Material on beam seating chair

Beam seats are constructed from different materials depending on the manufacturers preference. Common material are wooden seats or seats with wood vinyl pads. Some seats are made from polypropylene seats  PU, or fabric material. The furniture finish is either iron, steel, or wood.

Chairs for reception area

There are many chairs suitable for reception areas or waiting room, they are multi chair sets, guest chairs, or armless chairs. More include big and tall chairs, 24 hour chairs, Bariatric, stacking chairs, beam seats

Reception area chairs

  • Multi chair sets
  • Guest chairs
  • Armless chairs
  • Big and tall chairs
  • 24 hour chairs
  • Bariatric
  • Stacking chairs
  • Beam seats

What is Tandem seating?

Tandem seating is an arrangement were something is lineup behind or facing same direction in a line.

Does tandem mean side by side?
It means one after the other

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