Vinyl Upholstery Fabric

Vinyl Upholstery Fabric is one of the more popular materials used on chairs, it is durable, dirt resistant and beautiful. It is a good choice of dining room furniture, common in restaurants or home. Vinyl fabric is perfect for upholstery, reupholster or DIY projects.

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What is vinyl fabric used for?

The fabric has wide application that covers different industries
Uses of vinyl fabric are fire prevention clothing, commercial tents, military tents, awning, sports equipment (Vinyl Dumbells 1kg -6 kg) sports clothing, furniture upholstery, vehicle upholstery, boating industry, in restaurants.

Uses of vinyl fabric

  • fire prevention clothing
  • commercial tents
  • awning
  • sports equipment
  • sports clothing
  • furniture
  • vehicle Upholstery
  • boating industry
  • restaurants
  • military tents

How Vinyl Fabric is Made?

Vinyl is a plastic derived from ethylene and chlorine, together they produce polyvinyl chloride ( vinyl). Scientist in 1920 wanted to create a material that is durable and affordable developing the first vinyl fabric. It is made through a process called cracking, wereby petroleum oil under high temperature and pressure is broken down into different products or byproducts.

Understanding Different Grades Of Vinyl Fabric For Upholstery

There are different vinyl fabric for upholstery based on manufacturers grading. The grading is not uniform therefore understand the various grade is moderately challenging. An easier method to measure grade is the price of the fabric.

Price grading starts from grade 1 to 5 , 5 being the most expensive fabric. When choosing a vinyl fabric there are two things to consider the quality and price, the higher the price the better the quality of the material.

Different types of vinyl

There are different types of vinyl fabric like marine grade vinyl, automotive vinyl, contract grade.

Automotive vinyl are used for vichle upholstery like trucks, cars, bus while marine grade are used in boats.Contract-grade vinyl is perfect for indoor upholstery projects like furniture, or massage tables.

Decorative vinyl upholstery is used in trucking, marine, transportation, automotive, health care industry.

Types of vinyl fabric

  • marine grade vinyl
  • automotive vinyl
  • contract-grade vinyl

Marine grade vinyl

Marine vinyl is best fabric for outdoor furniture, it hardly fades and resistant to ultraviolet rays. Apart from furniture it has wide application like manufacture of boat cushions, umbrellas, patio, recreational vehicles and outdoor chairs.

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Application of marine grade vinyl

  • boat cushions
  • umbrellas
  • patio
  • recreational vehicles
  • outdoor furniture

Commercial grade vinyl

Commercial grade vinyl is perfect for reupholster projects, they are heavy-use durable foam materials with special coating. You find commercial grade vinyl on executive office chairs, dining chairs, kitchen benches.

Application of Commercial grade vinyl

  • executive office chairs
  • dining chairs
  • kitchen benches

Non-expanded grade vinyl

Non-expanded vinyl grade has backing made of cloth. The cloth backing adds strength to the vinyl fabric, common cloth used as backing are cheesecloth, flannel or woven linen.

Cloth material in Non-expanded grade vinyl

  • cheesecloth
  • flannel
  • woven linen

Leather versus Vinyl

Leather is the number one choice of quality furniture because it is tough, durable and attractive. Vinyl comes a close second as an alternative to leather. It looks similar to leather and costs far less, they are glossier, brighter, resistant to damage.

Is vinyl a good upholstery fabric?

Yes, it is a good upholstery fabric because it combines traditional with modern look.

What kind of vinyl do you use for upholstery?

There are different grades of vinyl in the market, best vinyl for outdoor furniture is marine-grade vinyl fabrics. They are waterproof and weather resistant.

Is Vinyl Upholstery Durable?

The material is very durable, with proper care it will last 10 to 15 year. Although not as durable a leather, it is strong, resistant to dirt or damage.

How Much Does Vinyl Cost?

Vinyl is perfect for anyone on a budget, they are cheaper than leather and cotton fabric. A popular choice of seat makers the fabric comes in different colors.

The price of the fabric depends on many factors. We have the Marine Vinyl Fabric Upholstery-USD 7.50+,
Stretch PVC Fabric: Iridescent Black USD 11.99, and Vinyl Soft Grain Thread Quilted Foam Fabric USD 28.90

How to Clean Vinyl Fabric

The fabric is stain resistant making it easy to clean simply use dish detergent with water including non-abrasive cloths to wipe the fabric.

Other Upholstery Textiles for your furniture

There are many upholstery fabric for your furniture besides vinyl. We have cotton, wool, mesh, polyester, Velvet, Tweed, Voile, Ticking, Tartan, Damask, Chenille textile

Upholstery textiles

  • cotton or wool
  • mesh
  • polyester
  • velvet
  • tweed
  • vroile
  • ticking
  • tartan
  • damask
  • chenille


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