Chair and a Half

Chair and a half refers to a wide large comfortable chair. However It has both positive or negative expression, depending on the individual.

Chair and a half are usually large extremely comfortable oversized chairs that are wider than the standard chair. This type of chair is perfect for people who love to curl up or pull their legs up and lean into a comfy pillow.

However if you prefer your legs placed squarely on the ground this type of chair is not your best choice.

Where to use “Chair and a Half”

There are many locations to use a chair and a half. Ideally they fit nicely in large halls or living room. It is better to have single piece large furniture than many smaller pieces.

Interestingly chair and a half is also perfect for smaller unit houses because it reduces the number of furniture in the small space.

Most large chairs are better for watching TV, or just curling up to read your favorite novel. You can use it in your bedroom or guest room.

Living room chair side table

Best location for chair and a half

  1. Living Room
  2. Bedroom
  3. Study
  4. Large spaces
  5. Hall area

Types of chair and a Half

Chairs and a half is a generic name, however they have different construct. The furniture design include sleepers design similar to twin sofa bed, recliner chairs, glider chair, chair with matching oversized ottoman.


  1. sleepers design
  2. Twin sofa bed
  3. Recliner chairs
  4. Glider
  5. Chair with matching oversized ottoman

Chair and a half styles

Large comfy chairs regarded as chairs and a half comes in different styles. We have the angular leather chair with metal legs, large traditional chair. Most are high back chairs with cushions, and traditional shaped arms or no arms at all. Type of chair range from leather to fabric type chairs.

Chair and a Half Accent Chairs

Westeros Traditional Wingback Fabric Recliner Chair

Westeros Traditional Wingback Fabric Chair is a recliner chair that has white and blue Floral design
The chair had a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating from qualified buyers.

Westeros Traditional Wingback Fabric Recliner Chair
Westeros Traditional Wingback Fabric Recliner Chair

Product Dimensions is 33.25″D x 26.5″W x 40″H and recommended for living room or study and also ideal for indoor or outdoor use.


  1. Uses For iving Room
  2. Color White and Blue Floral
  3. Indoor/Outdoor
  4. Made from 100% Polyester
  5. Wingback
  6. Traditional recliner
  7. Studded border
  8. Extra padded cushion

Stone & Beam Genesse Living Room Accent Chair

Stone & Beam Genesse Living Room Accent Chair comes in Smokey Blue-Grey, it has a 4.3 out of 5 stars rating. Dimensions are 37″W x 39″D x 34″H; Seat Height: 19.68″H; Seat Depth 22.05″D; Seat Back Height: 23.62″H; Arm Height: 23.62″H; Leg Height: 5.51″H.

Stone & Beam Genesse Living Room Accent Chair

The chair is made from solid wood frame with fabric upholstery. It has a
Slim-arm design with wooden plinth.


  1. Product Dimensions39″D x 37″W x 34″H
  2. Living Room chair
  3. Color Blue-grey
  4. Construction material Wood
  5. Finish materialWood
  6. Item Weigh is t66 Pounds


Some people love large comfortable chairs because of their many advantages. That is why such chairs referred to as chair and a half will always remain fashionable. It is not for everyone, however the advantages of having one in your home outways the disadvantages.

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