List of home and furniture accessories you must have

The role of furniture is to offer comfort, add beauty to your home and enhance any space with form and functionality. Today modern furniture is part of your interior design and offers comfort in a relaxed atmosphere.

Decorate your home with essential furniture

Furniture for living room

To achieve a finished look you need to decorate with essential furniture
Essentials are living room couch or Sofa, bar stool if you have a bar and side table.
Accessories to consider are television, soround sound if you are a music lover curtains and decorative art.

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Living room essentials checklist

Designer Art works, Accent pillows, Furniture,


You need at least one piece of artwork to put the living room together. The art work offers a pivotal point for the eye which binds everything in the room together. To prevent black walls invest in a budget beautiful piece of artwork.

Accent pillows

Accent pillows are very comfortable, soft and perfect for couch chairs. Throw pillows are beneficial for lower back relief and posture adjustment, furthermore they come in vibrant colours to add beauty and flare to any room.


The most important items in the living room is your furniture. Your furniture is often the first thing a visitor notices when they enter the room. Types of furniture in your living room are sofa’s, couches, tables, accent chairs, recliner, center table. Others are carpets, rigs, cushions,and stool.

Couch or Sofa

One important decision is what kind of chair furniture to put in your living room. There is a difference between couch or Sofa. A couch is a piece of armless furniture used for laying while a sofa is a long upholstered seat with arms.

The size of the room will determine the type of furniture. Larger rooms require huge chairs to occupy more space, the sofa should be functional and fit perfectly with the color scheme or design.

Things to consider when choosing a sofa are function, easy to clean, sturdy, beautiful, low maintenance upholstery. Make sure the style complement your taste, other parameters are price, color, and style.

Dinning room

A dinning room is where you eat your meals. Some dinning rooms have there separate area while others are an offshoot of the living room.

Do matter the dinning room location it requires different furniture. Furnish the dinning room with a dinning table, dinning room chairs. You need place to store dishes, cups and cutlery.


The most essential furniture in the bedroom is of cause the bed. You need bedrooms curtains, bedsheets, mattress, dresser’s and wardrobe.

Children’s room

Children’s room require similar furniture like the main bedroom. However the beds are moderately smaller. Furnish will quality beds, wardrobe, chair and table.


Making the right choice of home furniture is often a daunting task. It requires purchasing the right furniture that suites your style and space.

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