Best Tablecloth for Everyday Use


A tablecloth is a fabric used to cover the top of tables, it is used on dinning table, buffet table or center table. Other applications are during anniversary dinners, wedding, special occasions. Often used as an ornamental cloth it comes in different fabrics and designs. Apart from cloth fabrics like linen, lace or cotton, there are plastic and paper options.

What is the best material for a tablecloth?

The main function of a tablecloth is to protect the table from damage. However they add glamour, style and beauty to the environment. Common tablecloth fabrics are those that are stain resistant like cotton, linen, vinyl, or polyester tablecloth.

Best material for a tablecloth is high quality material. Although cotton is durable and sturdy the best tablecloth material is linen. It is durable, classy and easier to clean than cotton. Liquids hardly stick to linen and easily absorbs spills.

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Types of table cloth

  1. cotton
  2. linen
  3. vinyl
  4. polyester
  5. paper

The best fabric for tablecloth


Polyester is a durable synthetic material that is rugged and durable. Most tablecloth are made from this fabric because it is cheaper and easy to clean. Polyester comes in different colors, are slicker, durable and easily machine washed.


Cotton tablecloth are durable, classy and moderately more expensive than polyester. Perfect for everyday use they are machine washable and come in different colors and patterns.


Linen table cloth are the deluxe material for fine dinning. They are more expensive than cotton, look nicer and stain resistant.

Specialty fabric

Speciality fabrics are used on special occasions like weddings, anniversaries or burial ceremony. Speciality fabrics include silk or organza fabric, they are very expensive however not good with stains.


Vinyl tablecloth are best for outdoor or patio dinning. The material is rugged, resists damage or stains. Best for informal outside dining like weddings or anniversaries.

Best tablecloth for everyday use


  1. Fitable Rectangle 4 Feet Tablecloth

This Fitable Rectangle is 4 Feet of Table cloth and 60×84 inch. It is stain resistant, washable and wrinkle resistant. Made from polyester fabric the decorative tablecloth is ideal for buffet, camping and dining table. An Amazon’s choice for “black linen tablecloth, it comes in other colors.

Fitable Rectangle 4 Feet Tablecloth

Item details

The fabric is polyester, color black, size 60×84 inch. Shaped rectangular the fabric is 100% polyester

  1. color black
  2. size 60×84 inch
  3. shaped rectangular
  4. fabric is 100% polyester
  5. Ascoza 2pack 108 Inch White Round Tablecloth

Ascoza 2 pack 108 Inch White Round Tablecloth

This item is Ascoza 2 pack 108 Inch White Round Tablecloth. Made from polyester it is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, restaurants and banquets.

Ascoza 2pack 108 Inch White

Item details

Ascoza 2 pack 108 is white with round-108″,2pack, shape is round and made from polyester fabric.

  1. Ascoza 2 pack 108 is white
  2. round-108″,2pack
  3. shape is round
  4. made from polyester fabric
  5. Vonabem 100% Waterproof

Vonabem 100% Waterproof is a Rectangle PVC Tablecloth

Vonabem 100% Waterproof is a Rectangle PVC Tablecloth. Made from, Vinyl Table Cloth Cover it is Oil Proof, Spill Proof and Wipeable Table Cloth. Perfect for Indoor and Outdoor use the material has many applications.


Expect High Quality: 100% PVC with flannel backed which keeps the tablecloth from tearing. Very Fashionable and stylish the Designs is perfect for indoor or Outdoor use. The strong PVC material is rugged and offers all-round protection for your table. It is stain resistant, oil proof with anti-scratch properties.

  1. Benson Mills Harvest Legacy Damask

Benson Mills Harvest Legacy Damask Fabric Tablecloth is high fashion and comes in rust, 60″ x 84″ Rectangular. Made from a combo of damask polyester and cotton the fabric is shiny and bright.

Benson Mills Harvest Legacy Damask

About this item

This tablecloth is made from Damask, polyester, cotton
(20% Cotton 80% Polyester Damask Woven)

  1. Maison d’ Hermine Oak Leaves 100%

Maison d’ Hermine Oak Leaves is made from100% Cotton Tablecloth. Use in the Kitchen, Dining area, on Tabletop. Ideal as Decoration in Parties , Weddings ,hanksgiving or Christmas

About this item

The PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 Round Tablecloth measures 63″ Diameter. Maison d’ Hermine Oak Leaves is suitable for most occasions.

Is it okay to leave a tablecloth on all the time?

No it is not, leaving the cloth only attracts dust making it dirty and unhygienic. Ideally wash your table cloth once every 3 weeks. If it is placed on a dinning set outside wash every week.

Are tablecloths outdated?

No tablecloths are not outdated because the perform an important function in our dinning expirence. They also provide protective cover for the table extending the life of the furniture. Another major advantage is the cozy, relaxed atmosphere a tablecloth brings.


When searching for the right tablecloth buy quality material from popular brands. Before purchase make sure the size of the cloth fits the table. Make sure the overhang extends well past the surface to prevent any accidents.

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