Different Types of chairs

There are different types of chairs based on your preference. Types include armchair, Chesterfield, office chair, slipper, Lawson, Adirondack chair. Others are Club chairs, Bergère chair, deck chair, recliner, Acapulco chair, wicker chair, Accent chair, loveseat.

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Types of chairs

  1. Armchair
  2. Chesterfield
  3. Office chair
  4. Slipper
  5. Lawson
  6. Adirondack chair
  7. Club chairs
  8. Bergère chair
  9. Deck chair
  10. Recliner
  11. Acapulco chair
  12. Wicker chair
  13. Accent chair
  14. Loveseat. Armchair

Armchair is a chair with support for elbow and arms. An armchair is perfect for reading or watching television. It is an indoor chair with form factor upholstery, fabric material is polyester with extra cushion padding. They are sturdy, value for money, easily assembled offer good support and comfort.

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Chesterfield chair

Chesterfield sofa are British chairs with a distinct stylish with leather. Upholstery. Mostly found in Victoria style Mansions, it is a large couch with rolled arm. The modern ones are found in Stately homes, clubs.

Office Chair

An office hair is a desk chair used at a table or Infront of a computer. They are adjustable, mobile with 360 degree swivel. Some have lumbar support, single load bearing leg, mid to high-back with ergonomic design.


A Slipper chair is a medium upholstered armless chair that sits low. Victorian styled it has a high back traditional looking furniture. They fit perfectly in diverse locations like farm house, home, office, or factory. Popular in women’s bedrooms in the early 50s a key feature is it’s short legs.


Lawson is a mid century modern chair, it has tampered wood base, with scooped arms. It has crisp welted seams, medium HR polyurethane foam. The downside is it doesn’t have flame retardant properties. The chair has swivel action and standard ones are35″L x 38″D x 33″H
Types of Lawson chairs are Verona, Sterling, Quinn and Yah

Adirondack chair

Adirondack chair is a lounge chair, wide armrest with tall slatted back. Often made from injected mould and perfect for garden.

Club chairs

Club chairs are first made in France and a comfortable leather armchair. Quite different from straight fauteuil de style, club chairs are rounded.

Club chairs are referred to as gentleman chairs because they are elegant and comfortable. Characteristics of the chair is the shape either rounded or art deco. They have a classic look are charming, yet innocently simplistic.

Bergère chair

Wing chair
Eing chairs are similar to club chairs except the addition of wings to back of the chair. The wings are draft shield perfect for fireplace. The chair is fully upholstered has exposed wood leg and frame. Almost every aspect of the chair is padded from the cushions, armrest, back and seat.

Deck chair

Deck chairs are portable folding chairs with wooden frame and single strip of vinyl that form the seat and backrest. Perfect for leisure activities they are common in cruise ships or ocean liners. They are easy to assemble, stackable, with adjustable height and armrest.


A recliner chair is a sofa that reclines when an occupant lowers the back. Also regarded as a lounge chair they come with adjustable headrest, armrest and lumbar support.

Some reclines has swivel furniture base, recliner from factor, made from fabric or leather. Recliner chairs have padded back, headrest and seat cushion for relaxing comfort.

Expect sturdy chrome metal base, 30 to 50 and retractable footrest. A standard reliner; chair measures 31.9 by 36.2 by 41.3 inches (LxWxH).

Acapulco chair

Acapulco chair is named after Pacific resort Acapulco in Mexico. The branded copyright chair were made popular by Hollywood stars like Elvis Presley and Elizabeth Taylor. Made from powder coated metal, PVC cord,. A good example of Acapulco chair is best choice products brand. The chairs dimensions is 29.5 x 25 x 34.25 inches, weight 43 pounds, it is lightweight, durable and comfortable.

Wicker chair

Wicker chair is a natural material traditionally made from woven branches or reeds. It is used to make furniture or baskets. The chair is lightweight, material include rattan, reed, bamboo, and synthetic fibers.know for it’s beauty, strength and durability

Loveseat chair

There are two style’s of loveseat the garden loveseat and contemporary style loveseat. We also have the US S shaped two seat couch.

Accent chair

Accent chairs are splendid furniture with good beauty and design. A commanding presence in any bedroom. They are deco items with short legs, good cushion seat has integrated armrest and high-back. Some don’t have armrest while others are traditional, casual, modern or luxury.

Chaise longue chair

Chaise longue chair are french Upholstery chairs that supports stretching and leisure. The sofa is 18 century lounge style chair.

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